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* 2019-06-25 – MTV: How The Stars Of Trinkets Identify With The Teen Drama’s Core Message
* 2019-06-23 – BriefTake: Interview: Trinkets’ Brianna Hildebrand
* 2019-06-19 – Bustle: ‘Trinkets’ Star Brianna Hildebrand Takes On The Bustle Booth
* 2019-06-17 – HipsterZombieJoint: Brianna Hildebrand Chats About The New Netflix Series, “Trinkets”
* 2019-01-31 – Abercrombie & Fitch redefines fierce with inclusive fragrance campaign
* 2019-01-10 – OUT Magazine: The Newest Generation Of Hollywood Is More Queer Than Ever


* 2018-05-21 – Playboy: Brianna Hildebrand Is Not Your F—ing Average Superhero Sidekick
* 2018-05-18 – TooFab: How ‘Deadpool 2’ Star Brianna Hildebrand Reacted When Ryan Reynolds Pitched LGBTQ Superhero Storyline
* 2018-04-26 – Vanity Fair Italy: Brianna Hildebrand
* 2018-03-16 – Papermag: Brianna Isn’t Invisible For The_ONES by Zappos
* 2018-03-16 – Zappos: 10 Reasons We’re Kinda Obsessed with Brianna Hildebrand


* 2017-10-07 – The Popcorn Interview: Brianna Hildebrand
* 2017-07-14 – Den of Geek!: Talking Deadpool With Brianna Hildebrand
* 2017-03-12 – Screenrant: Deadpool 2: Brianna Hildebrand Teases Negasonic Teenage Warhead Return
* 2017-03-09 – Brianna Hildebrand on Deadpool, new teen lesbian drama First Girl I Loved and coming out as gay


* 2016-09-20 – Teen Vogue: Young Hollywood 2016: Meet 11 Stars You NEED to Know
* 2016-06-30 – Boca Mag: Q&A: Brianna Hildebrand
* 2016-06-15 – TheBrag: Brianna Hildebrand
* 2016-05-11 – V Magazine: The Future Leading Ladies of Hollywood
* 2016-02-12 – Reinery29: Apologies To Ryan Reynolds, But This Is The Real Reason To See Deadpool
* 2016-02-11 – OUT Magazine: Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand Switches to Girl-on-Girl Action
* 2016-02-11 – Mylon: Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand Is Pretty Tough
* 2016-02-08 – Collider: Brianna Hildebrand on Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ryan Reynolds, and More


* 2015-12-07 – Interview Magazine: The Marvel Badass
* 2015-12-07 – W Magazine: Brianna Hildebrand’s Silver Screen Debut
* 2015-10-22 – Elle: These 5 Young Women Are Poised to Take Over Hollywood

Welcome to Brianna Hildebrand Fans, the latest online resource dedicated to the talented actress Brianna Hildebrand. Brianna has been in TV shows like "The Exorcist", "Love Daily" and she most recently starred in Netflix's "Trinkets". She has also been in films such as "Deadpool", "First Girl I Loved", "Tragedy Girls" and "Deadpool 2". This site is online to show our support to the actress Brianna Hildebrand, as well as giving her fans a chance to get the latest news and images.
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Current & Upcoming Projects
The Time Capsule

Brianna as Elise

In the near future, a politician fresh off an electoral loss escapes to his family's summer lake house. His vacation is disrupted by the appearance of his first love, who has just returned from a 20-year space voyage and hasn't aged a day.


Brianna as Darcy Clarke

Persephone is the story of three astronauts from Colony One - an enormous space vessel carrying over 20,000 colonists from a dying Earth to the nearest star system of Alpha Centauri in the late 22nd Century. The trio have been dispatched to repair a system designed to shield their new world of Proxima b - also known as Persephone - from the constant and deadly solar flares emitted by the red dwarf star it orbits every eleven days. Persephone is an arid, lifeless world nearly twice the size of Earth with double the gravity. The planet also is tidally-locked - with one side forever facing its parent star while the other remains in unending darkness. Its environment can barely support human life. Yet, after a disastrous attempt to colonize Mars failed decades earlier, Colony One, and its trailing sister ships, are now the only option for the survival of the species.

Girls Night

Brianna as Tina

GIRLS NIGHT is an edgy female buddy comedy that follows unlikely best friends, Tina and Alex, and their adventures over the course of one night in New York City as they try and track down a lost one night stand - and figure out what they're going to do with the rest of their lives.